Danielle’s 30 Day Shopping Hiatus

This is my daily journal of my 30 days on shopping hiatus.

Here’s the rules:

  1. No personal purchases outside of the following:
    1. One coffee a day
    2. Daily food allowance of $10 (for meals out of the house like lunch)
    3. Medical necessities (cancer drugs, Imodium, allergy meds, etc.)
  2. Grocery trips will be limited to only the necessities for the weeks meals
  3. No purchases for my son, husband or friends that are not necessities (ie food, personal needs, etc.)
  4. Gas because I have to drive to get to work
  5. Daily journaling to hold myself accountable


Day 11.

BACK ON TRACK! Damn it I was so mad at myself for getting that subscription box but proud of myself for spending 2 hours in multiple consignment shops trying to sell off my gently worn (or sometimes new with tag) clothing and I didn’t buy a THING! Boom!

Coffee (check)

Lunch (check)

Sprite mid-day to quench my thirst (check)

But I didn’t go over budget! I also hit Portland Produce East on Foster in Portland Oregon and grabbed a bunch of fresh veggies and fruit for Father’s Day BBQ. Overall I feel like my little mess up yesterday is behind me…now to determine if I should restart my no shopping for 30 days over each time I mess up??? Hmmm….maybe I’ll ask the hubby.

Day 10.

Well F!

Yep I messed up…I have been wanting to highlight a Fab Fit Fun subscription box on my blog as a start to my “lifestyle, fashion, beauty” section for Coop’s Kisses and I caved and spent the money today! I feel guilty.

So guilty in fact that I decided to purge my closet and rid my life of clothes I don’t like, won’t wear or can’t wear (these foob’s are big y’all)!!

Time to get back on that horse…

Day 8. & Day 9.

Wake up, drop Marty off, get coffee, go to work, go to acupuncture, pick up Marty, head home…this is a great insight into my life…only difference is I didn’t go to Target.

I stayed on budget for lunches and even treated myself to an ice cream with my leftover food allowance!

Day 7.

Again nothing to report…dropped Marty at my grandparents, grabbed a coffee and then headed back to my bed to work from home. No shopping, no nothin’!

Day 6.

Nothing to report – I spent almost the entire day in bed/asleep. BORING…

Day 5.

Target oh how I love you! Today was a bit of a rough one on two fronts…

1. I spent most of my day at home relaxing in bed on Instagram which meant the need to buy all the cute things on my InstaFeed was high.

2. I went to Target to get a gift card for a bridal shower and luckily I was with my dad and son so I didn’t have any excuse or room to roam. It could’ve been bad but it wasn’t.

Overall aside from the bridal shower gift I spent no money. No coffee run. No eat out. Just chilling at home with the family.

Maybe this whole no spending thing is easier then I thought??

Day 4.

Had a rough day, wasn’t feeling good, hadn’t slept well/at all and just really felt drawn to shop…because that’s what I’ve always done. However I busted myself with work, team building, buying a stranger coffee, going to acupuncture and listening to the latest Podcasts on my phone. My 30 days is still really only beginning but I was proud of my restraint, especially since Target has been bombarding me with ads on all social media’s and on the radio!!

Day 3.

Today I worked from home which meant that I didn’t buy a coffee and I ate lunch at home so I saved roughly $15. However, today was grocery day so I had to brave the store and focus on only buying the things we needed for dinners, lunches at home and for the home. With that being said I still managed to spend $170 at Fred Meyers. So far controlling the urge to shop online or hit Target has been successful but it’s only been 3 days lol!!

Day 2.

Day 2 was pretty uneventful but I overspent on fish at the fish market…I could’ve gotten a less expensive cut or just less of the fresh halibut that I did purchase but I wasn’t paying attention. And once I was out of the fish market I instantly felt guilty for being so lax.

On the daily food allowance front I only spent $4 of the $6 so I’m pretty proud of my frugalness…that free breakfast helped. All in all I’m learning a lot about my triggers. Tomorrow is grocery day so we’ll see if I stick to my list.

Day 1.

Well today was day 1…day 1’s are rarely that difficult it’s usually day 2-7 that get rough.  Overall here was my complete spending for the day:

I indulged in my 1 coffee (an iced Americano with mocha flavoring and room for some cream)

Breakfast: $2

Lunch: $7

Ice cream after my doctor appointment: $5

Daily food allowance: $10 – $14 (my actual spend) = -$4 which means I will only have $6 for tomorrow to make up for today

Outside of my daily food allowance I used my Health Savings Account to pay my out of network co-pay at my naturopathic doctor, it was $32.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes but so far I’m not off to a 100% start.