Post Cancer Blahs…From Tiger to Eeyore

After a nice long talk with a good friend of mine about depression after cancer and the PTSD that comes with a NED diagnosis I finally got up the courage to edit and finalize my blog post about this epidemic. Depression is not really my thing, I’m the furthest from emo possible and prefer neon and pastels over black, so sharing this piece with everyone is hard but necessary for providing awareness.

Momma Guilt – A Never-Ending Story – The 5 Topics I Face Daily

Oh mom guilt…the fun result of societal pressure to be a perfect “Leave it to Beaver” mom! If you don’t have kids you may roll your eyes at this post, deeming it ridiculous, but trust me this is a real thing. As a non-stay at home mom who struggled constantly with breastfeeding, I’ve always felt like the cards were stacked against me. So what is mom guilt? First, you need to understand the definition of guilt…