My 15 Minute Tops Makeup Routine

So let’s start this by prefacing the fact that I’ve always chosen sleep/staying in bed over spending hours getting ready in the mornings. Most of the time that means I do one of the following:

  1. Throw on a tinted moisturizer as I’m running out the door and call it good
  2. Throw all my makeup into the car and do my makeup at ______ (fill in the blank with wherever I’m going)
  3. Don’t even give a crap and just go without

Add on the fact that I now have another human to think of in the mornings and option 2 & 3 are usually what happens. I’m pretty certain all the gals in the office just anticipate that I’ll be standing inches from our mirror in the bathroom around 9am every day (see I’m blind so when I do my face/eye makeup I have to do it standing right up next to the mirror so I can see) applying my makeup.

With all that being said I’m pretty low-maintenance about my makeup/face routine. I had the “mom-makeup” routine down long before I was a mom. Also I have zero capacity for makeup that doesn’t last the entire day. I refuse to spend my money on crap makeup so if you won’t stay on my face or you require touch ups throughout the day you’ll quickly end up in my “junk pile” in the makeup drawer until I do my twice a year purge.


Skin Routine

Coop’s Tip #1 – ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE!!!

Coop’s Tip #2 – If you take care of your skin, it will glow for you all day even when you aren’t wearing makeup!”


  1. Wash my face with cold water
  2. Make the decision on applying makeup or not applying makeup…


  1. Remove all my makeup using makeup remover (I really don’t have a preference just something natural like micellar water – I like the brand Yes To)
  2. I wear waterproof mascara so I use an oil or shea butter lotion to remove my eye makeup
  3. Wash my face. I personally use SeneGence’s Normal to Dry Cleanser because it takes about a pea sized amount and my skin has loved every drop of it I’ve put on my face.
  4. After my face is washed I will sometimes use a cold washrag to apply some Frankincense Oil to my face. Coop’s Tip #3 – I always do this after I get my eyebrows waxed just to calm any irritation
  5. I apply SeneGence’s Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment every other day to help keep my skin firm and bright, especially since I can’t be bothered to wear makeup most days.

Face Makeup



The only one I’ve ever used that didn’t break out my skin, which can be considered fairly sensitive, is Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More – personally I love the one I got in my recent FabFitFun box the Luminizer Primer. I put this on first and then try to let it sit for 5 mins.

Foundation / Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (CCTM)

Foundation and CCTM are kind of interchangeable to me and sometimes, like in the winter, I will wear both but usually summertime I just wear CCTM. **PS I used to be a loyal MAC makeup wearer but it constantly made me breakout and I had to mix 2 foundation shades to get my shade…it also left smudges on my clothes, husband, etc.

My foundation preference is SeneGence MakeSense (my color is Dewy which is a neutral base):

  • Full coverage
  • Water proof – personally tested this in the pool and during water fights with my toddler who always aims for the face
  • Color corrects up or down 3 tones so I don’t find myself changing colors with the seasons
  • Doesn’t cause me to have breakouts
  • Doesn’t leave a “blending” line around my face
  • Won’t rub off on your clothes or other people
  • Airless pump so I get all the product in the bottle
  • Lasts ALL DAY! No touchups required

My CCTM is also SeneGence Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (light in the winter / medium in the summer):

  • Light coverage – it’s job is to even the skin tone without looking heavy
  • Water resistant
  • Color corrects seamlessly
  • Doesn’t cause me to have breakouts
  • Doesn’t leave a “blending” line around my face
  • Airless pump so I get all the product in the bottle
  • Lasts ALL DAY! No touchups required



Personally I don’t use concealers unless I’m having some weird reaction to medications and breakout, except for under my eyes. Therefore I like something thick, lighter than my skin tone with a peach/orange base to cover the blue in my under eyes.

My Concealer preference is SeneGence ShadowSense in the color Candlelight (sorry for all my super dark toned gals this probably won’t work for you):

  • Peach toned – covers blue under eye and veins on my eyelid
  • Thick – won’t budge and goes on high coverage
  • Stays all day without creasing or fading

Blush / Bronzer

I don’t usually wear any bronzer or blush because I don’t really have time for that…but I do have one that I love if I have an extra 2 minutes in my routine.

My blush preference is SeneGence BlushSense in Terra Cotta (they also have an array of shades including a bronze):

  • Cream blush that is highly pigmented so a tube will last FOREVER because a little goes a long way (the self-life is 2 years for this brand)


I’m a powder girl so this is just a natural finish to my makeup routine. My powder preference is SeneGence Translucent Loose Powder mixed in with a little bit of Elf Setting Powder.

Coop’s Tip #4 – I just dump out ¾ of a container of Elf Setting Powder (which is white and just matte’s things) into a zip lock baggy and then poor my entire tube of SeneGence powder in and mix it up. From there I just use a powder brush to apply.

Eye Makeup

I have a love hate relationship with eye makeup. I love how I look when I take the time to do it BUT it takes time so there’s that. Also when I was like 25 I got my eyeliner on the top and bottom permanently tattooed so I don’t look completely naked if I don’t do anything at all. Coop’s Tip #5 – if you can both stomach it and afford it get your eyeliner tattooed. Coop’s Tip #6 – check for a discount but then research that person to make sure they have a good reputation it’ll save you lots of money and make it a lot more feasible.


Oh SeneGence my prized makeup addiction. Let’s just say that I’m loyal to brands. I used to have 85% MAC makeup and now I have 85% SeneGence makeup. It’s just my thing and I’m fairly upfront that even though I sell it I would still wear it.

SeneGence has a whole line of gorgeous, cream to powder, shadows that I use for everything from:

  • Concealer (see above)
  • Blush (my favorite is Rose Gold Glitter)
  • Highlighter (Snow for white and Moca Java for darker highlighting)
  • Its intended use as eyeshadow

Basically ShadowSense is the best product they make. Because its cream to powder it doesn’t take a whole lot, doesn’t crease, stays on all day and doesn’t flake off into your eyes or get all over your face as you apply it. Highly recommend you give it a shot!



I usually hate mascara but only because it gets all over my under eyes and makes me look like a flipping raccoon. But I do have 2 favorites that don’t do that so they are both in my makeup bag!!

  1. Pixi – Blue Mascara – I love blue mascara and this is the one that I wear almost daily. It doesn’t raccoon and might as well be waterproof even though it’s not. Plus this brand is so amazing.
  2. SeneGence LashSense & UnderSense Duo – Waterproof Black – I initially hated LashSense but it’s because I wasn’t using it properly and didn’t know how to take it off right. The UnderSense is just a grey primer. Three coats of that on the top lashes and 1 coat on the bottom lashes will extend and hydrate your lashes like you’ve never experienced. Top it with the black mascara (or the blue Pixi mascara) using a silicon throw away mascara brush and you’ve got long, waterproof and non-clumpy lashes.


Coop’s Tip #7 – use an oil, shea butter lotion or oil based makeup remover to gently massage the mascara off your eye lashes. Never rub or pull!!! This is a process and I usually start it first, remove the rest of my makeup, brush my teeth, brush my hair and then remove the oil/lotion with a warm damp washcloth at the very end.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE lipstick. Always have. However, I HATE HATE HATE how it never stays on…well guess what in 2017 when I signed on to be a SeneGence distributor I did so solely to have access to LipSense…who knew I’d fall head over heels with so much more of their line.


LipSense – it doesn’t work for everyone, it’s not for everyone, however, it’s the only product that has EVER stayed on my lips for any length of time. If you don’t like it that’s totally fine but it’s my jam and it is quick and only takes one application!


Since I wear LipSense I use LipSense Gloss and I only use LipSense gloss, even if I’m not wearing LipSense I wear the gloss. It’s just my thing and I love how my lips look and feel after a year of use.



A necessary evil and money suck if you don’t find the right brand for you. My personal favorite brands are Sigma, ELF, and MAC brushes. Also don’t spend a ton of money on real hair brushes if you are using any sort of cream to powder products because you waste product and money…that’s why ELF brushes are some of my favorites!


Here’s all my brushes and yes I use them all pretty much every time I do my full makeup routine and any combo depending on what I’m doing.



God gave us hands for a reason and I do most of my makeup applications with my hands. I put on my foundation or CCTM with my hands. I usually put on ShadowSense with my fingers and I use all my skin care products with my hands. The natural oils in your hand are important for your face and as long as they are clean your face will be clean too! End of my soap box rant on using your hands!

That’s it. All my secrets out in the universe. I also want to state that while I do work for SeneGence, as a distributor, even if I didn’t I would STILL wear the products I talked about because they are worth their weight in gold. As you can see I do have non-SeneGence products listed here so I’m not biased and if I ever did find things that were better I’d use those products and tell you all about them.

xoxo – Coop

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