5 Things I L.O.V.E. About My Body

Loving your body isn’t something we are necessarily taught these days. It’s more like, I don’t know, a constant comparison to either your friends, family members or even celebrities. Seeing that fit mom on Instagram and thinking damn I should have a six-pack too. Listening to your best friend complain about her weight when you know she’s at least 50 pounds lighter then you are. Watching a member of your family hide behind their clothes to avoid “showing their imperfections”.

Well I say enough is enough! Watch my video below as I talk through my 5 favorite things about me. They haven’t always been my favorite things and they are far from perfect but damn it if I won’t love them anyways.

The 5 Things I LOVE About My Body:

  1. My eyes
  2. My feet
  3. My stomach
  4. My height
  5. My port scar

What do you LOVE about YOUR body??

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