Coop’s Kisses- 2018 Summer Hair Must Haves

My hair is a finicky pain in the butt. It’s thick but also super fine. It’s not straight but it’s also not curly. It’s warm tones make it almost impossible to color without pulling crazy amounts of gold tones. It loves being bleached but is naturally dark brown so the upkeep is expensive and annoying. Basically it’s a hot mess!! Prior to losing it during chemo I wore it up in messy buns or braids most of the time but I cherished my long locks.

Needless to say the regrowth period has been a bit of an annoyance and it’s grown back just as frustrating as it was before. Good news is that most of the products I used to use remain in my current arsenal, AND, I’ve got some new gems that I can’t brag about enough!!

**As of writing this blog I’m not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands these are just truly my fav products!!**

If you’re like me and hit the snooze button one too many times and have to dash into the shower to tame your bed head. Then this brush is the answer to your dreams. No more tangled messes or using a pick to get through your locks. Great for all hair types and super inexpensive The Wet Brush is my favorite!! I’ve got one at work, one in my car and two at home!!


Because I have fine, bleached hair I don’t actually have to wash my hair every day and to be honest it wasn’t good for my hair when I was washing it daily. And since I don’t go through shampoo and conditioner very often I buy the good stuff! Nexxus has always been my favorite non-salon brand and their Keraphix line is freaking amazing!! I also use their dry shampoo, volumizing mouse and comb through hair spray. It’s all amazing and I never travel without the mini versions I picked up at Target!!


My uncle is a hair “badass” stylist (go follow him on Instagram or if you are in the Portland Metro area go see him) and cancer survivor so not only does he know my hair, he also knows all about chemo scalp burn and those awful itchy bumps you get when it starts to grow back. So when I complained to my mom about how bad my scalp hurt he immediately went out and got me some Healing Strength Serum by L’Anza. I still use it daily, mixing a pump into my mousse or pomade to help add a bit of strength to my bleached hair. Bye bye fly-aways! **Update they’ve recently changed their packaging so just look for the Healing Strength Silk Serum or use the link.


Speaking of amazing things my uncle has given me…Olaplex is an awesome brand that many hair color masters mix in to help keep the damage on their clients head to a minimum. Last I checked you could only buy it at beauty supply stores so you may need to kindly ask your hair guru to gift you a bottle or just ask them if they can mix it in to your regular hair coloring sessions.

Since I bleach my hair, I’m constantly on the hunt for great weekly deep conditioning treatments. My routine is to use my purple shampoo, wash with my regular shampoo and then throw on a deep conditioning treatment like the Olaplex above or one of these Hask deep conditioning treatments (my two favs are pictured below) once a week or twice a week for a couple weeks after my bleaching session. One package will get me through 2 or 3 weeks, unless I have to use some to shave my legs (see so versatile). You can find these at most drug stores, Sally’s Beauty Supply, online and of course Target.


This company is brand new to me. One of my favorite beauty influencers @Sarah_louwho turned me on to them during one of her hair tutorials (she rocks a gorgeous pixie cut with bleached tresses so I feel a kinship to her)!! The brand is and their travel trio was one of the best purchases I’ve made in awhile!! The is a leave in conditioner that I use almost daily to help untangle my bed head after wet it down. The is a fine haired girls dream come true!! Trust me if you lack volume grab this!! The only thing I haven’t tried, as of this post, in the trio is the Power because, well, my hair dryer is broken and since I’m on a shopping hiatus (June 2018) I can’t buy a new one. But if you have long hair you’ll want to pick this up…all the reviews I’ve read says it cuts dry time in HALF!!


So there you have it…my Summer 2018 hair must haves. Did I miss anything I should be trying? If so comment below.

Xoxo – Coop

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