Guest blogger Serenity Hill joins me to bring you – “Oh My Gosh, My Boss Is Hot”

Hi, I'm serenity.

"Hi, serenity." Said in unison.

I'm a beauty influencer hailing from south Florida. However beauty influencing isn't my long term goal. I have a hundred and two aspirations in life, but writing is a hobby that I am very passionate about. I grew up with my auntie and many, many annoying siblings, so I am indeed anti-kids.

Beauty influencing isn't a "rewarding" job, so I do a lot of freelance writing, and ghost writing in my free time, but above all I am honored for the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Coop's Whole Kit and Caboodle! Thank you.

-Serenity "Reni" Hill

Oh My Gosh, My Boss Is Hot

By Serenity Hill

I was dressed for success on that hot Monday morning, late as usual.  I rushed myself grabbing my keys with my left hand and sliding my shoe on with my right… Whispering over, and over to myself, that I had the job! I had my phone crammed between my ear and shoulder, calling Mr. Waldo, to tell him I'd be a little late for my interview, but he didn't answer. I started doubting myself!

I ran down the stairs of my apartment in my nicest pair of grey shoes. My ankles were bending every which way because I literally suck at walking in heels! Man I should have wore flats that day! Don't even get me started on how my car wouldn't start up! I remember putting the key into the ignition muttering;

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" to Betsey, but she just wouldn't turn over!

"God, if the car starts I'll go to church on Sunday." I prayed.

Betsey, my old used Dodge, made a noise. A noise that made me feel like she was laughing at me for trying to bribe the man upstairs. Bad idea.

I miserably sighed checking my phone…
With a few more tries and a real prayer Betsey cranked up for me.

Amen right?!

The ride was short and fast, I felt like Vin diesel going 90 on a road with a 75mph speed limit, occasionally arching my eyebrow because I felt cool, whipping corners and dashing lanes… I parked, patting Betsey on the dashboard assuring her that she could enjoy this brake.
I got out the car rushing inside trying to hold all my sweat in, nervous on so many levels.

I immediately approached the woman sitting behind the front desk.

"Hi my name is Serenity Hill I'm here for th-
"You were suppose to be here at 7:30." She snapped. "Mr. Waldo is interviewing someone else at the moment, you were rescheduled for 8:45."

I felt my inner ghetto trying to surface. I was literally 8 minutes late and I got rescheduled?!

I was beyond frustrated. So what did I do?
I sat down like an obedient woman who wanted the job.

Writing came easily to me, and I wanted to be a journalist. This little local newspaper was big in my city, but gosh they were acting like they were the New York Times.
Finally the door opened and a small timid man came out with his note pad, a folder and a key card.  He had the biggest smile on his face. At first I had thought it was Mr. Waldo but then he left and I assumed he was a another journalist. I frowned, what if he just got my job?

I looked to the front desk and the snobby assistant motioned me inside. I stood and dusted my off my dress, it was a cheap, classy dress I got from JCPenney's, I straightened my back and moved with elegance and confidence.

I  had walked inside the office, slowly, just now getting used to my heels. Mr. Waldo's head was down but he looked young, not old, as I had envisioned. He was writing something. His hands looked manicured.

Gay, I thought to myself.

"Mr. Waldo?"
"Ms. Hill" He said never looking up from his papers.

He had a deep voice that demanded authority.

That was awkward…All I was thinking was what do I say now? I kinda just awkwardly stood there. 

Then I had a little red riding hood moment;
Oh what nice arms you have, I thought. What nice hair you have. What tan skin you have.

He had curly hair sleeked back into a neat professional pony tail. His skin was that perfect tan, much like a Kardashian. I wanted to see his face. I could just see the top of his pink lip…Those had to be juicy lips.

I had snapped out of it when I realized that I was still standing there!

"Have a seat Ms. Hill." he said impatiently, almost like he read my thoughts.

I quickly seated myself in one of the two chairs on the opposing side of his desk. He neatly sat the pen down and looked up to me.


No it was just Mr. Waldo.

He had chiseled features and green eyes that were so bright it looked like they glowed. He had light stubble, cut to a crisp, the kind you see on sexy underwear models. And I could almost see the workout behind those cut arms.

"I've read your work and its good." he said talking on and on…But I didn't hear any of that I was sitting there sexually fantasizing about the man. Mr. Waldo became Mr. Waldo. Before I had even noticed, my back arched, I had put my sexy face on, my lips parted like I was Kylie Jenner.

We spoke…on you know, interview stuff, exchanging information…yatta, yatta, yatta. But I was really going through it! I was hot, my nerves were all over the place, and the flower was dewy if you know what I mean. I was completely and utterly embarrassed! I felt dumb gawking over him like that. I cleared my throat snapping out of it, going back into professional mode, but then he snapped me right back into my perverted trance.

"Ms. Hill, are you single?" He asked me softly, running his hand through his hair.

Yes, let's have sex. Oh my gosh!! Did my brain just think to say that?!?

"Yes sir." I actually said, relieved.

I don't know why I answered. He kinda just nodded, looking off like he was storing the information somewhere else, somewhere deep. His jaw clenched. It was so sexy.

I smiled inwardly, he didn't need to know if I was single for the interview…

He looked at me like he wanted to say something else but I guess he decided not to. He reached into a compartment of his desk and pulled out a key card and a folder.

"I expect your first piece next Thursday." He demanded a smile creeping on his pink lips.

"Yes sir!"

I was beyond ecstatic. I got the job! He asked if I was single…I sat there shocked. Admiring the key card gazing through the folder. He stood and made his way to the door. God he was tall, and lean. All I felt was complete and utter arousal.

"Nice day Ms. Hill."

I stood folder and key card in hand, smiling my way out in confident strides.

"Ms. Hill." He called after me.

Yes I'll have lunch with you. I thought.
Yes, I'll marry you.

"Your bag." His lips tucked under as he tried not to laugh at me.

Man this was just an embarrassing day for me. I got my purse and rushed to my car smiling at Mr. Waldo one last time.
I almost tripped in my heels again dialing my best friend Courtney.

"Girrrrllllll." I cried in the way girls do. "I got the jobbbbb, and my boss is sexy!"

It had felt so awkward to say it out loud.
But I assure you it was not nearly as awkward as working there was…

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