LipSense!! The How and Why…

LipSense has been taking over your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & SnapChat feeds over the last 6 months…it seems like all your friends are either rocking the newest LipSense color or becoming distributors themselves! As you know from a previous blog post I used to hate MLM’s but I immediately fell in love with this product and jumped in head first into this amazing company that I’ve watched bless so many women, including me!

If you haven’t heard of LipSense then you are definitely missing out!! This product is the best long wear, no smudge, kiss-proof lipstick on the market. However, it is finicky and must be applied properly or its staying power diminishes and you can get a range of issues like color cracking or flaking, extreme waterline (where your lipstick completely comes off on the inside portion of your lips), dryness and just overall unevenness of the color. It’s not a hard process to learn but if you aren’t willing to take the time to do it right then you might want to stick to your old drug store lipstick because you are wasting your money on pure AMAZINGNESS by using it incorrectly!

Now with that being said what is it that makes this stuff so great? Well first off SeneGence has a safe-guarded patented formula, think Fort Knox vault protection,  that creates a molecular bond between the color and your lips. This bond is enhanced by each of the 3 layers you apply and then sealed by the gloss at the end. If you have anything on your lips the LipSense will bond to that which could create flaking of the product and bad adherence. Each of the 3 layers of LipSense that you apply has a purpose, which I will explain during my application tutorial:

Step 1.

Make sure your lips are clean and dry! This is key to good adherence and longevity of the color so don’t skip this step. I always apply my LipSense last in my makeup routine and no matter how clean my lips look I can always get particles of powder and foundation off when I clean my lips off.

Step 2.

Now that your lips are all clean and dry it’s time for the fun part! Application of the color should be done in smooth fluid movements in the same direction, none of that back and forth thing you’ve been taught over the years.

Layer 1 – this is the layer that is going to bond to your lips and create that nice base for the other 3 layers. This layer is kind of key to a good smooth application but it doesn’t have to be perfect, you can always clean up any mistakes with the additional layers of LipSense or by  using the Oops Remover. Make sure you let your color dry for 15 seconds (sometimes I do 30 seconds if my color is less thick like Kiss for a Cause).

Layer 2 – this layer is like the peanut butter and jelly in your sandwich…it helps the bottom layer and top layer stick together without the fear of the outside environment or your lips chemical makeup causing it to break down. This layer is when I start to make sure that all “wrinkles/laugh lines” in my lips are filled, my upper lip line is nicely curved and that my water line is nicely covered. Just like you wouldn’t want to forget your PB&J you do not want to forget your second layer of LipSense color! Also just like with layer 1 you will want to go in smooth strokes in one direction – still no back and forth motions allowed – I usually change it up on my bottom lip and go the other direction because I find that it helps create a more even look. Let it dry for 15ish seconds and then move on to the final layer.

Layer 3 – this is your LipSense shield. It’ll help block out the outside environment and anything else that comes in contact with your lips during the day and really creates a vibrant, even look. Again even smooth strokes going in 1 direction, take your time and just be patient. After 6 months of actively wearing LipSense I can now apply my color and gloss in under 3 minutes. That includes making sure my color is consistent, even and smooth as well as dry in between each layer and right before glossing. Your lips may feel a little dry and tacky at this point which is totally normal and the gloss will quickly remedy this (I don’t usually let my lips touch in between layers or they’ll stick to eachother lol)!

**Special notes – depending on how cracked my lips are (sometimes I chew on my lips in my sleep) or if my color is newly opened you will get a nice sting from the SD40 alcohol that is in all the LipSense colors. This alcohol is used to keep the product free of bacteria and is one of the reasons why it has a 2 year shelf life. Don’t fear the stingy goes away and I rarely notice it anymore…if you don’t like the stingy feeling you’ll just want to make sure you keep your lips moisturized and make sure to really shake up your LipSense color and let the wand touch the air for a few seconds before applying (this will allow the alcohol to dissipate a bit before putting it on your lips).

Step 3.

Now that you have your 3 layers of LipSense, you’ve cleaned up any major mistakes using Oops Remover and have let your color dry while singing the ABC’s in your head (just like how you were taught to sing your ABC’s while washing your hands), you are ready to GLOSS!

I always start with Glossy Gloss and then depending on the look I’m trying to accomplish I will let it soak into my lips and then apply either our Matte, Pearl, Opal, Orchid, Rose, or Glitter Glosses. I am personally into all things glittery so anything that is going to add more sparkle to my lips is what I gravitate towards. Our Matte Gloss is very nice but does feel a bit dry and since I am weird and love the slick, wet feeling of heavy lip gloss I don’t usually wear it.

Glossing throughout the day is really the key I feel to longevity for this product and having your lips feel smooth and hydrated. I have a Glossy Gloss that stays at the house, one that goes in my car (caution if its extremely hot you’ll want to avoid leaving your product in the car) and one that is at my desk at work…sometimes I’ll have a gloss in my purse too depending on the day. I gloss before I start drinking my coffee in the morning, before each meal during the day and sometimes I’ll gloss before long conference calls when I know my lips will be putting in some work. Gloss is imperative if you are eating anything that is salty or oily as it will protect your color and create almost like a trap for the food particles.

And that’s that…really like I said once you have the technique down its pretty quick and easy to apply…I don’t really recommend applying this product on the go, since I personally need a mirror to make sure its going on right, but if you are a risk taker then by all means have at it!

2017-07-18 05.53.33

My LipSense now lasts me 4-6 hours, depending on where I’m at in my HER2+ breast cancer infusions, what I’m drinking/eating during the day and if I’m inside vs outside. At this point I start to develop a water line, which doesn’t bother me because no one can really see it unless you are a mouth breather or are being a chatty Kathy. Overall I have to remove my color each night or I can wake up the next morning and pretty much just throw on more gloss and head out the door. My record was 32 hours before it just started to look so crappy I had to take it off. When is the last time you wore a lipstick for 32 hours?? Insane!

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