Post Chemo Hair Re-Growth – My Tips for Kicking Glamming It Up!

As I’ve said in previous posts losing my hair was absolutely awful! Now I wasn’t the most uppity with my hair to begin with but I loved that if I wanted too it was long enough to do pretty much anything I wanted. From high-pony, side bun, stick straight, naturally wavy or even curled I had SO many options. Plus I was only 1 ½ years post-partum when I lost my hair from chemo and was still enjoying most of the benefits from lovely full pregnancy hair.

So when I started to grow my hair back I was frightened that my semi round chubby face would look a lot like a pre-teen boy. Granted I know that is an over exaggeration but it’s how I felt so I did some research on ways to style it and tips for getting long luscious locks (PS none of those “natural” ways of getting fast growing hair worked for me).

Again I took to Google and Pinterest, my favorite inspirational blogs like or and YouTube. I had a lot easier time finding great ways of glamming up my short hair then I did with learning how to cover up my bald head, but still I struggled. So I just played with it…it wasn’t that I wasn’t finding inspiration for styles it was just finding the right product for me (or really a recommendation for any styling product)…easy to find and effective because no one has time to dink around with their 2 cm long hair for an hour.

So hopefully this will be useful for someone down the line who is looking for the product/tricks/techniques that I’ve tested and can say for certain worked on my hair…which even post chemo still has its own personality and basically has to be tamed like a Tiger into submission but is still not to be trusted!

My Go-To Products/Tips/Tricks:

Here’s the deal I wanted to look feminine so using men’s hair wax/pomade wasn’t something I was in to…so after multiple disasters with products that didn’t have enough staying power I walked into my local Sally’s Beauty and found this AMAZING texturizing wax which seriously changed my hair styling game. I’ve never been into spiked crazy hair so I prefer to side swipe my “bangs” or create a poof with them to add height and then slick down the rest. This product held its form, smelled beautiful and didn’t look hard or crunchy.

My favorite hair styling product!

Bobby Pins & Hair Accessories were an easy way for me to put some femininity into my style. I am a Target lover so I spent a lot of time slowly walking through the hair aisles looking at pretty head bands, bobby pins, tiny butterfly clips and hair bows/flowers. I work in an office so I didn’t want to go crazy but I also know that not a single person is surprised when I walk in with a bow on my head, that’s just me. Here’s a secret – the little girls section (not the baby section) has the BEST hair accessories. Also Charming Charlies which is an amazing accessories, bags, shoe, and clothing store also rocks for getting glitzy grown up hair accessories. Use these to put your own spin on your short hair.

Here’s a few pics of how I utilized hair accessories over the last 6 months:


As you can see around the 4-5 month range I decided to bleach my hair. To be honest I wish I’d done it sooner. It took what I considered drab looking hair and just made everything pop…I even threw in accents of rose gold when I first died it just for fun. I was always dying my hair pre-chemo hair so doing the same with my short hair really helped me feel more like myself. Plus bleaching out fine, thick hair adds texture, which makes it easier to style. I was lucky that my good friend Ally, see Makeovers by Ally on Facebook (for all my Portland gals), is an amazing hair stylist that was doing my pre-cancer hair. Find someone that knows you, knows your style and use them to help get you the look you want…it’s invaluable and definitely needed for taming my unruly hair. I’m also a big advocate on keeping it trimmed on a regular basis to help give it dimension and make it a little easier to style as it grows (don’t be afraid to trim your hair!).

2017-04-26 07.05.59

Another thing that helped me to really feel more feminine, aside from hair accessories, dying my hair and finding the right styling products, was other accessories and my makeup routine. I noticed on days when I threw on a pair of glittery earrings, bright lipstick and some mascara I felt more put together and confident. I am a big fan of color so bright lipsticks and big (fake) diamond earrings just round out my bright pink hair band. Throw on some color correcting tinted moisturizer, mascara, a little blush and your good to go…yes I have days when I go all out with my makeup but I’m a 15 mins from the time I get out of the shower in the morning to the time I throw on my shoes kind of gal.

I hope this was helpful to all the ladies out there looking for more advice on how to tame your post chemo hair…next stop chemo curls…luckily mine haven’t been awful up to this point but they are getting more and more out of control as it grows so we’ll see what the future holds…any tips from my lovely ladies on dealing with chemo curls??

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