My Little LipBiz

CoopsKissesOh MLM’s…how you’ve always annoyed me with your pushy mom’s and fit-chicks. How you’ve shamed me into new diet trends, magic weight loss pills and wraps that promise to melt my cellulite! How I loathed you…UNTIL…

Abby and her amazing, truly magic, lipstick that didn’t smudge, lasted all day and wasn’t horrible for your lips! Queue the Angels singing!

And then I did the unimaginable…I signed up to be a distributor. DUN DUN DUN!!!! Not because I thought I’d make enough money to quit my job…I love my career and the people I interact with daily! I have no intention of becoming a stay at home mom. That’s NOT my gig! I signed up because I wanted that dang discount so that I could buy EVERY COLOR!!! But something changed along the way. I realized I could actually make a little money on the side, making other women feel beautiful, and empowering other women who did have dreams of staying home with her children while still providing some income for her family.

See when I got breast cancer and lost all my hair, gained 20 pounds from the meds, had my breasts hacked off and then radiated over and over again I stopped feeling beautiful. I would look in the mirror and not even recognize the women staring back at me. Because of the medications I’m on regular makeup doesn’t really like me…but LipSense was different. It actually did what it said it would (some days better then others) and I was able to hide behind it. Slowly my confidence came back and I found that I was starting to enjoy getting ready in the mornings. Matching my lipstick to my shirts or my headband became something I truly enjoyed.

So yeah I’m in an MLM and I’m proud of my little LipBiz. It’s changed my life, not monetarily, but emotionally! It brought me back from the darkness that is cancer. Physically its made me feel beautiful, more like the old me! It helps me find purpose to my morning routine and SeneGence is so much more then LipSense…between the amazing skin care products that have changed my skin to the foundation that doesn’t rub off on all my clothes…the products are flat out AMAZING!

I’m not saying you have to join this company or even try the products but know that I am truly passionate about what SeneGence has done for me and would love to share it with you!


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  1. This gave me goosebumps! You are so beautiful. Xoxo


    1. coopskandc says:

      Thank you and thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity with me!!


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