My Breast Cancer Story…The Beginning

On May 12, 2016 I went in for an ultrasound of my right breast thinking they’d just tell me if had some dense tissue or a clogged milk duct and walked out with everyone’s worst nightmare. CANCER!! How did I get here? 

On Mother’s Day 2016 I was laying in bed with my husband waiting for our one year old to wake up and made a comment about how lumpy my right boob was. See for about 3 months I had been feeling a lump in my right breast below my nipple grow progressively bigger but I had convinced myself it was nothing and that I was being silly thinking it was anything more. My biological family has no history of breast cancer so I’m not considered high or even medium risk. But when I had my husband reach over and feel said lump his immediate response was “That’s cancer you need to have someone look at that!” Of course I smacked his hand, told him he was being silly and went on with my day as if it didn’t happen. He even laughed it off because at the time neither of us thought it was actually cancer!

However, his comment ignited something in me and I found myself driving to my doctors office on my way home from work the next day. Looking back on the experience she must’ve known something wasn’t right because she immediately took me back to her room, ignoring her current patient who was in the next room and examined my breasts. She told me that she didn’t think it was serious but that it wouldn’t hurt to have a mammogram. A referral to Epic Imaging was sent and I called in to make an appointment just to get it all over with.

What happened next still infuriates me to this day…upon taking my call the scheduler asked me “why I was calling to schedule a mammogram when I was too young for one?” Of course I told her that we’d found a lump and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. At this point she informed me that she couldn’t schedule a mammogram for me because of my age. I pressed on asking what my options where and eventually convinced her to schedule me for an ultrasound…no I’m not exaggerating I had to convince the scheduler to get me in for a preventative procedure that I had a valid doctors referral for. 

That was a Monday and I was scheduled to go in on a Thursday for my ultrasound so I made myself busy and focused on everything but the pit in the bottom of my stomach from the anxiety that this appointment was giving me. I walked in convinced it was nothing. I even convinced my husband, mom and friends it was nothing. Of course we all know how this story ends…it wasn’t nothing it was a rapidly growing ER/PR positive HER2- (more on this later) carcinoma of the breast. 

And so began my journey into my worst nightmare and one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever been through.

My son and I a couple days after receiving my diagnosis.

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  1. brenda gamez says:

    I am so Sorry you had to deal with danny…. who would ever thought that skinny little girl would ever even have breast let alone cancer in one. IF only to make life just alittle sweeter and friend and family more dear. It was so much better to this young and healthy when you had to fight.. Im counting you blessings lol


  2. kuljeetrayat says:

    Sounds awful how they treated you! I’m glad you insisted and the cancer was confirmed! Sometimes I think people need to learn some manners! I remember having to rearrange an appointment for something and the person on the other end of the phone got arsey with me! I had to stop her in her tracks and said, “excuse me, but can I just tell you that yesterday I was told I have breast cancer”! The tone changed and she was far more accommodating then!!!


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