What Defines You

Daughter, Grand-Daughter, Wife, Mom, Sister, Bestie, Project Manager, Friend, LipSense Lady, Survivor…

What defines you? Are you defined by the titles you get assigned throughout your life?

I’d say that those titles make up about 95% of who I am and what defines me as a person. I’m extremely proud of those titles. I cherish those titles and tout them around to anyone that will listen. These are all things I’m proud of…I have a great life. It’s not always easy but what good ever comes without a little pain?

I started this blog as a way of journaling my experiences with breast cancer and plan on doing that, however, I also want to share those things that define me. Those amazing titles I’ve been so blessed to be assigned. The good, the bad and the gorgeous (no one wants to see the ugly, however, I will share some not so great things just to keep it real!).

So I’ll leave this first post semi-short and with some food for thought…What defines you? Are you proud of the titles you’ve been assigned?


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